Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bounty Arms UDK Demo 0.1 Released


With the help of Splat and the hard labour of Obi-Wan, we have now got our first UDK version out. The great thing is that it's now a standalone game and it doesn't require UT3 anymore.

This demo is basically the same as the UT3 mod version, but the UDK has a more updated version of the UE3 engine. So it has real time AO, dynamic lighting on enemies etc.

We've also added a few things, like working turrets, special ability bar, damage material indicator on the player and other small various little addons and tweaks.

I hope you enjoy the UDK demo, and please look forward to future versions.

Download link: Bounty Arms UDK Standalone Demo

I will still update this development blog on the future progress of Bounty Arms.

So keep a look out.


  1. Congrats guys, Coolhand sent me a link a little while ago to your stuff on one of the mod sites, it looks AWESOME :)

  2. Hey Matt! What's up? Haven't heard from you in ages. Thanks for the compliments, we really appreciate it.

  3. Great! Incredible visuals, very nice gameplay! Really, great work!

    I have just two points to add:
    * Maybe a mouse aiming (moving mouse will rotate the character) could be quite useful.
    * Please add a bit more visual cue about what's breakable and what's interactive.

    These where the only two improvements I could see.

  4. Nice game concept, really great graphics and environments. We've got some hands-on preview for Czech gamers on our site FakeEVERest: . Best, Michal Bayerl, Czech Republic.

  5. Hey Michal,

    Thanks for the hands-on preview!

  6. Hi, Can you please give the source code for the Demo. I mean not the artwoorks, but the scripting part.

    Utkarsh shukla