Saturday, February 27, 2010

Targeting System Updates, Camera On Hold

We have decided to address the targeting system and make it more complex in how it works, in response to the current feedback we've been getting. This will mean putting the camera on hold for now, but we feel the targeting needs more attention right now.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Multiplayer Co-Op Camera Being Worked On

Splat is busy working on a new camera system for multiplayer co-op. It will be based on a dummy system that is centered between players, with trigger volumes that will allow Obi-Wan to control variables of where the camera should be and at what angle etc.

After this we can look into having 2 player controllers to test it out, and get 2 Goobers into the same screen. That will be fun.

Bounty Arms UDK Demo 0.1 Released


With the help of Splat and the hard labour of Obi-Wan, we have now got our first UDK version out. The great thing is that it's now a standalone game and it doesn't require UT3 anymore.

This demo is basically the same as the UT3 mod version, but the UDK has a more updated version of the UE3 engine. So it has real time AO, dynamic lighting on enemies etc.

We've also added a few things, like working turrets, special ability bar, damage material indicator on the player and other small various little addons and tweaks.

I hope you enjoy the UDK demo, and please look forward to future versions.

Download link: Bounty Arms UDK Standalone Demo

I will still update this development blog on the future progress of Bounty Arms.

So keep a look out.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Material Damage on Goober

Splat got the material damage working on Goober so it now gives a better visual indication of when you're getting hit.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bernard Being Replaced With Splat :)

Ok Bernard asked me to refer to him on the blog as Splat. So Bernard is gone...there is only Splat now!


Friday, February 12, 2010

Almost There

We're 2 fixes away from a UDK version.

Bernard won't be able to work on the scripting this weekend so he'll carry on with the fixes on Monday.

Obi-Wan is still working on some graphical tweaks and the turret's effects are looking pretty cool. Having AO in the level is so cool! How did we live without it.

Latest Scripts From Bernard

Just got a bunch of scripts from Bernard. Various elements throughout the game needed some fixes and tweaking.

So now Obi-Wan needs to see if everything is fixed and we should be good to go for the UDK release.

Ingame Menu

Here's a look at the ingame menu.

Menu Fully Working

Obi-Wan has now got the d-pad and arrow keys working in the options navigation window.

Apparently the button widgets were overlapping and that's why it wasn't working.

Final Tweaks Before First UDK Release

Bernard is just working on various fixes and tweaks for the first release of the UDK version.

We're all very excited to get the UDK release out :)

Menu - Working

We have now got a working menu for the game. There is a problem where hitting escape would bring up scoreboards and an Unreal menu, but that was sorted by editing a line in the ini file.

There is still one small issue we need to sort out where you can't jump between options with the d-pad or arrow keys. It's not a big problem but it would be nice to have this sorted.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

UDK Menu

I have handed the PSD menu layout to Obi-Wan. He's going to be laying it out in the Editor and saving it out as a UI scene file. This will then get passed to Bernard to implement it as a working menu.

This is one of the last stages before we release a UDK version of the game.

Expect a UDK release version soon!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Working Turret - WIP

We had turrets in the demo that didn't work because we didn't have time to look into them. We have now got working turrets that track and shoot at you :)

We just need to add in damage meshes and effects.

UDK re-implementation and tweaks

- We had to re-implement some aspects of the Drone's AI, because they weren't working the same once we moved it to the UDK. So the Drone's rockets,lasers work properly now, and the Drone's shoot sooner at the player.

- Goober's special ability now also prevents him from taking damage when he's performing his special move.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Drone Flyer Attacking - Done

This wasn't on the list yesterday, but I found out from Obiwan that the Drone Flyer's weren't firing back at Goober but could be fired at.

So Bernard started looking into it yesterday and he finished it at 3am this morning :)
Go Bernard!!!!

Next on the list is looking into our own custom menu for the UDK. That should be interesting.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Special Ability Bar - Done

Well Bernard has now finished the scripting for the special ability bar. Henk just needs to put in the proper bar graphic.

Scripting Update

Today Bernard is working on 2 modules:

- Implementing the special ability HUD bar, which indicates when you can use a players special ability. The bar charges based on time.

- Adding a second player controller into the game. Essentially having 2 characters on the same screen at the same time.

New Kick Ass Programmer...Yay!!!

We have finally found a new programmer, or should I say...he found us :)

Bernard has now officially joined the Bounty Arms Game project and we are very glad to have him on board.

Bounty Arms Teaser Demo Trailer

Bounty Arms is an old-school 3d side-scrolling action game that utilizes modern technology from the Unreal Engine 3. Over the course of the final game you gather power-ups that hugely alter your character and weapon arsenal, travel across the galaxy to many different worlds, unlock hidden doors to secrets, join with new comrades, fight the multitude of varying enemies that each world will bring, and defeat the bosses that rule them. Currently only a single player demo but final game will be co-op 4 players in the future.

Download Game:

Download UT3 latest Patch. This needs to be installed for the game to run properly. Please download this here:

Manual (Right Click, Save Target As)

If anyone would like to lend a hand in the future development of Bounty Arms, please contact us at or call me on +27833811416