Thursday, July 22, 2010

Alternate Route Ideas

We've always wanted to introduce more camera depth movement into our level to break the straight linear path. This is one aspect and in the future we want to also have paths that bend around corners and have turns which will give a more organic feel.

This video was made a while ago, but I thought I should post it to show a section that has had an alternate path added in to collect coins or power-ups for example.

Here's the link: 2010-05-19 10-16-00-98.avi


  1. What is the purpose of collecting those coins? I've never been able to find out what the blue-meter represents within the HUD - are these related?

    Introducing alternate routes within a level immediately opens up new possibilities to up the difficulty level. If collecting these coins is any kind of a bonus or a requirement for something, one can get all kinds of creative (and mean!) by forcing the player to backtrack through a level in order to collect everything. Also, presenting the player with a choice of which route to take breaks the "run and gun" mentality of more or less holding down forward and shooting at enemies when they pop up on the screen.

    Is it taboo for Goober or any of your other characters to move forward or backward - into and out of the screen along a linear path - instead of across the screen for the most part?

  2. There are 2 reasons for collecting the coins. You will receive an achievement award for collecting all the coins in the level/world, and the second reason is that you can use the coins to unlock or buy items as well as purchase skill upgrades.

    The blue bar is Goober's special ability meter. If you're using an Xbox 360 controller it's the left trigger button.

    There will be a main route that a player can move along, but if he so chooses he can go on an alternate side route if there is one or a side secret path to an item/pickup. I think that adding some side paths will give the level a more natural/organic feel as we do have some sections in the demo where you need to move in and out of depth already, like the gears section towards the end.

    We just want a game that does not purely move on a linear path. There's nothing wrong with linear of course. It's just something we've always had in mind for Bounty Arms for the level design. So it's more of a preference thing.

  3. awesome !! I had played again and again stil wont feel boring. as a design's student in here, i wana ask tat so the display of UDK during the game is not only see through the hero's eye. b4 tat i heard my senior say tat UDK just only got 1 display side like CS (counter-strike). but after i played tis bounty arms, i realise tat v can see through our hero by another camera side. so, how can it happens ?! and i wana ask tat do u hav any UDK tutorial ?! tis year i m facing tis exam!! wory bout tis = = & thx Q for ur game

  4. game is dead?:( one year no news.

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